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Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Review

Nicole is a 50-year-old attorney who works hours every day on computers in order to file papers with the courts.

In 2015 Nicole had a car accident that left her with 3 separate concussions. These greatly affected her ability to see things properly, organize her thoughts, process words or images she was seeing, or speak coherently.

She was completely unable to cook for herself or her family, read, or even stand. Medications she had to take just to cope were very strong and caused her to sleep 12-14 hours every day. She couldn’t work or live a normal life and was afraid that she would never get better.

Then she started vision therapy. Within 3 weeks, her eyes began working together better, her vision stabilized, and she started feeling more confident on her feet. The room didn’t spin as much or as often and she was able to process information better and more efficiently.

Though she says she’s not quite back to 100%, Nicole has come a long way. She is able to effectively process visual and verbal information, is reading much faster, and can function much better day-to-day. She can perform most of the same functions in her personal life and at work that she was able to perform before the accident, and she reports feeling much more herself these days.

Nicole would wholeheartedly recommend vision therapy to anyone who has suffered any kind of concussion, from the mildest to the most severe. It has definitely changed her life for the better.

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