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Childrens Eye Exam

sports kids asianAt birth, your child’s vision is not fully developed. It’s important to evaluate your children’s vision as they grow, just as you evaluate other areas of their physical growth.

Our practice specializes in helping children who are struggling with developmental vision problems.

  • Children falling behind in school and suspected of visual processing disorders
  • Learning disabilities
  • Neurodevelopmental disorders (autism, Down’s Syndrome, etc.)
  • Health issues or physical injury affecting sight (TBIs, stroke victims, concussion sufferers, accident trauma, etc.)
  • Functional eye issues (i.e., lazy eye)
  • Other special eye care needs (dry eyes, hard-to-fit contacts, etc.)


The American Optometric Association recommends an initial childrens eye exam at six months, with follow-up exams at ages three and five.

Through the public health program InfantSEE®, we will provide a one-time, comprehensive, free eye evaluation for infants in their first year of life. InfantSEE® is managed by Optometry Cares® – the AOA Foundation, with the mission to make eye and vision care an essential part of infant wellness. Infant eye assessments are given between 6 and 12 months.

Call for an appointment at (630) 429-7553.


As a child progresses academically, so do the demands on their vision. School-aged children should receive yearly vision evaluations to detect any functionality issues that may be interfering with their achievement. Children who are falling behind or struggling in school should undergo a functional vision evaluation, which can detect potential learning- related vision disorders.

Functional eye issues are treated with vision therapy through our affiliate, Brain Vision Institute.

Contact us for a child symptom survey to help determine your child’s visual strengths and weaknesses.

In the state of Illinois, vision screening is required annually on all children in special education, children new to the district, and 3-year-olds attending a licensed daycare/preschool program. Schools require vision screening in kindergarten, second and eighth grade.

Illinois law requires all entering kindergarteners to show proof of a complete eye exam prior to October 15 of the school year.

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