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Vision Exams

Optometrist Putting On The Boy Special Glasses To Restore VisualHere at Brain Vision Institute, we want to ensure that your eyes are working properly by giving you a vision exam.

Vision examinations are very important to your overall eye health. Many vision problems do not show any signs or symptoms, so it is important to have a vision test done on a regular basis. Early diagnosis and treatment of your eyes can help prevent vision loss in the future.

Each patient’s signs and symptoms will determine what type of test should be conducted. A comprehensive adult vision examination includes many different parts. Some of these include patient history. We will ask about previous vision appointments that you have gone to and the results . We need to know about the history of your eyes and if you have had any problems in the past.

Then, we will measure visual acuity. The purpose of this is to see how accurate each eye can see. This includes reading charts at a far distance and at a near distance. Preliminary tests are sometimes performed to evaluate depth perception, color vision, eye-muscle movement, peripheral and side vision, and also how your eyes react to light. Finally, we may do an eye health evaluation. This will either confirm or rule out any issues with your vision.

Our friendly and helpful staff will work with you regardless of your symptoms, or lack thereof, to ensure that all of your needs are met.

If you have any questions regarding vision exams, contact us today at (630) 429-7553.

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