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Is your child struggling at school? This parent shares how vision therapy helped her son succeed

all right so thank you again for takingthe time to be with us todayi just have a few questions for you inregards to your son luca andvision therapy and what that experiencewas like for you okayso i'm curious what what brought you touh um vision therapy or what what whatwas lucahaving a challenges with that thoughtthat maybe vision therapy was somethinghe neededhe um was having a really hard time atschool breathing and he just was notadvancing the way everybody else was allthe other kids werewhat grade is he he's in uh well when wefirst started this out he was in firstgrade now he's in second gradeokay so one of his reading teachers saidto meyou know i feel like something's up withhis eye she's like why don't you get hiseyes checkedand i was like okay so i called mypediatricianis upstairs and he said ohmy tenant downstairs does it and i hadreally no idea that there was anythinghappening with his eyesand then we came here we did all thesetests andthat's how we got here but i didn't knowit was because of his eyes i just knewthat he just wasn'treading well so from what what teachersare telling youand then um did luka describeanything about what no really he beingthat he was in first grade then he's aboy he's not he could not tell mewhat was happening with his eyes becausei don't think he knewthat he was actually absolutelyexpressed or that it wasn't evensupposed to be that way becausehe just assumed like that's how you seeand that that's how it is exactly yeahand that maybe it could couldn't getbetter umright um what were some of thosesymptoms or things that like umyou know as i said he said strugglingwith reading he struggled with readingand he never really wanted to play anysports like we'd be like come on let'sgo play catch he never really wanted toplay catch that'sunusual for a boy yeah exactly and likeall the little boy all our neighborswere all playing catch outside and lucareallydid not want to so instead of not sayingi don't want to play he would just likeact out basicallyyou know and right instead of sayinglike i don't want to play he would justlike act out and likecrazy and run around and like be goofybecause he didn't want toplay catch because he couldn't reallycatch and when he did try he just wouldget frustrated andhe just he couldn't see basically whatwe finally figured out is that heliterally could not see the ball comingat him sothat way he started to add up yeahexactly once i came here andyou know filled up the questionnaire andtook the test like everything just addedup like he literally just couldn't seeso that's why he washe was really he wasn't getting introuble in school or anythingbehavior-wise buthe just would and then he'd getfrustrated like we'd sit there and tryto do his homework and he would justget so frustrated either act out or getmad start crying like andi know that he felt bad about himselflike you thought it was stupidi can imagine that's pretty rough on afirst period and you beingthe parent of that first grader you kindof felt stuck like what can i do iexactly can't seeyeah i didn't i had no idea what's hisvision i really had no clue andonly one teacher at school was likemaybe it's his vision butnobody else had no any ideawhat it was they like one one personactually saidmaybe you should and then my doctor waslike well maybewhy don't you give him that why don'tyou give me the nutsthat's what my doctor told me and i waslike nothere's got to be something elsehappening here it's really interesting ididn't know that pieceyeah it's really interesting how similarthe symptoms of some with addversus a visual processing disorder canbeit's it's almost that they're overlappedyeah because theyi felt like he just act out acted outbecause he didn't know what else to doso he was just that crazy but instead ofmedicationwhat did you decide to do well once icame here and i figured out what washappeningi we just of course i mean it didn'tmake any sense to me dr lorenzon is verypatient explaining it to me buti'm not a doctor and it still confusesme i'm not either it's it still takes mea while toovery yes i am a more like easier wordfor me to understandright when you're talking about thebrain and how it connects and the rightand the left i mean i have to really payattention and notit's kind of sounds like a little bitlike witchcraft when they're talkingthat they're going to train myson's brain like it sounds very weirdbutwhatever you did it worked could youtalk about a little bit more aboutit work so we put luca through therapyit hadbeen at least what 30 40 sessions idon't remember36 sessions 36 sessions umwhat kind of differences or changes didyou notice sowhen we started it was like in what likeit was when football season was actuallywhen it started likeby the end of the fall season his coachwas like luca isthe most improved and all of a sudden iwould see him and he would likeliterally be like bouncing a ball offthe wall like playing catchand he would never do that he wouldbarely even touched a balland now he's like playing catch he'scalmerlike in in general i could just tellthere's like aa whole life a wholeit's like more than just like eyes forschoolvision and all that it seems like itimpacted like his whole this whole beingyes the reading is still we're still youknow he goesit's still coming along it's not like ohmy god he could read a million timesbetteryeah he is getting better at the readingbut it's stillyou know we're still dealing with thatbut everything else i feel likehas like really changed him for thebetter that's really awesome to hearit'syou you mentioned earlier like you youkind of sound like you beat himselfup you get really frustrated he can't docertain things andnow i can i can imagine he's he's a bitmore cheerful about those things hedoesn't get as frustrated do we he'lllike do his homework he'll likesit down and do his homework or beforeit was like a huge fight and he felt badabout himselfbut he is just like i said it's like alloverhe feels better about himself and reallythat's like the number one thingdefinitely i would agree and that that'sreally awesome to hear that helike he's i know we're still working onthe reading and things like that i'msure that's going to be a thing tocontinue working on but it sounds likewe'realmost like a complete 180 from where westarted yesi feel like it so would you say thedivision therapyum like was a very positive yes oh mygod i thank god that i found you guysreallythat that's really awesome to hear andluca was great to have hima lot of stuff like isn't really fun forkids and it's kind of hard to likemotivate them hey like this is good foryour eyesthis is good for you and luca was reallypatient andi i think he started to see a spaceespecially in the later half likeokay i get why this is doing it becausehe started to see it for himright he could tell i think he couldtell that it was helping and he didn'treally complain about coming no he didnot like i pick him up from school andwe came and i mean i think he's happyit's over butyeah he did what he needed to do yeahexactly and i think he because he couldtell it was getting betterfor himself it was easier for him tocome herebecause you can see the success he seesit's working okay and now it makes senseyeah would you recommend vision therapyfor otherfolks and similar i tell people about itall the time i feel like i feel likemore people should know about you guysi do i tell everybody about it and evenif a parent is announced with their kidon add meds maybe they should you knowcome here andsee if that can help them yes i woulddefinitely recommend it you guys gottaget the word outwe would love to do that more that'sthat's really awesome to hear umum just to finalize our time togethercould you talk a little bit more aboutdr lorenzana and her staff andwell you guys are awesome dr lawrenceexplained everything to me like i saidit's very confusing it's very hard tounderstandand she's very patient she went overeverything and i asked a millionquestionsand she you know explained everythingbeautifullyand you guys were answering the phoneeven when i forgot an appointment acouple times you guys were mad at meand luca really liked ryanand i think that was really importanttoo because if he didn't feel aconnectionthen it probably would not have been assuccessful i think that rapport'sdefinitely importantso no you guys were great that's reallyawesome here and you guys were great toowe loved having youwe're sorry to say that our timetogether was uhum short in our cut butit is obviously for the better and we'reglad that luca and you guys aremoving forward and making so muchawesome progressuh that's all i have for you todaythank you for your time and thank youfor being with us through this thisjourney through luca's life and thankyou for having us be a part of it it wasreally awesome to just see where hestartedwhere he's ended up and i'm i'm excitedto see likewhat happens going forward that's me toome toookay