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Home » Neuro Optometry » John shares how any slight head trauma from a fall or concussion can affect your vision

“One of the things I especially appreciate about you… is how supportive you’ve been, and you give me a lot of encouragement, and you’re willing to explain things. I also appreciate your willingness to communicate on a regular basis, not just during therapy sessions…You actually give me exercises I could be doing at home to actually improve things.”

John saw “synchronicity” in how he was studying the way the brain works, and hearing about our eye care practice, where he could get treatment with his lazy eye. He felt his lazy eye affected his ability to read and comprehend efficiently. Through his interview process he related to our eye doctor that he had suffered a fall that had given him a concussion which may have affected his visual processing. His vision therapy regimen helped him treat significant double vision, eye strain and severe reading disabilities in his left eye. He would recommend working with the vision therapy team at anytime!