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My daughter is Kate. She is in kindergarten and she is 6 years old. She goes to Lincoln Elementary in Hoffman Estates. She was diagnosed with a lazy eye and astigmatism; in one eye more than the other. I am under the impression that that is what was causing the lazy eye. Prior to Vision Therapy, she had spectacles, and it was recommended that she wear the spectacles until she got use to them to see if it would remedy that, but it didn’t. We went to a different Ophthalmologist with a recommendation and she recommended patching. So, we did patch for a little bit.

Since therapy, her confidence has gotten a lot better. She was able to graduate speech. So she is speaking at her age level.

Reading has always been a struggle. She just started kindergarten and it was really hard for her because she couldn’t see. As we went into therapy, I noticed that her math and math comprehension skills have gotten very strong. It was really good. Reading is coming along, it is just not as fast as it is math; she is really fast in math.

I didn’t know very much about Vision Therapy. I knew it existed, but I didn’t know who was a perfect candidate for vision therapy. I really wasn’t aware. I would most definitely recommend Vision Therapy. I loved working with Dr. Lorenzana and her staff.


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