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Post a car accident & concussion, Nicole found relief after Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation

all right nicole can you giveum give us a little description aboutyourself in regards to your occupationand your visual needsmy name is nicole andre i am a 50 yearoldattorney i have a lot of paperwork thati deal witha lot of exhibits blueprints i do workfor engineersso i'm always looking at documentspapers on the computer plansblueprints schematics things thatrequire not onlya view of the larger picture but also aviewof very tiny minute details also idraft pleadings that go into court filesso i do a lot of work on computer so ihave to review medical recordsand transfer that ontosummaries on the computer so they can befiled with the courtssounds like you do a lot of reading inyour work andattention to detail can be importantfrom as far as your work goesi do a lot of reading i spendanywhere from two to three hours incourt andper day and then after that it'sanywhere fromanother seven to ten hours per dayin my office reading and lookingat documents and working on the computerdrafting documents and attention todetail is very importantespecially when working with engineeringplans surveyingplans and schematics of coursenow now let me ask you this nicole whatwhat happenedor what changed in your life thataffected your ability to do your workefficientlyjuly 15 2015 i was in an automobilecollision it was a veryheavy impact and i suffered threeseparate concussionsthe first impact my left side of my headshattered my driver's side windowi continued to spin was hit from therearand then suffered a brain trauma to thebackof my head near where the optical centerwould bewhich greatly affected my ability tosee things properly and toto organize my thoughts andbasically do anything that i needed formy worki also had a concussion then since itwas a whiplash concussiona concussion in the front of my headwhich affected my abilityto speak coherently andto speak in a normal cadence like inormally wouldthat sounds pretty traumatic nicole itwascould you describe some of the symptomsthat you were experiencingum just trying to do work or daily lifethe first three weeks after the accidenticouldn't really see i had room spinsalmost constantlybut due to the concussion i had to be ina dark room with no stimulus for threeweeksi slept a lot during that time but wheni attempted to get upto go to the bathroom or do something uhi would get room spins my eyes didn'twork together my right eye was workingindependentlyof my left eventually i was able toget medications that would help mestand my vestibular system wascompletely off and i couldn't standwithout assistanceuh for several monthsi wouldsee something at the corner of my eyeand my right eye in particularwould veer off to the right and startlookingat whatever bright light or whatever isaw on my rightwell my left eye would still be lookingstraight forwardas soon as that would happen i wouldhave room spins as if i hadhad drank to excessand my eyes couldn't focusit made me felt feel sickit made me unable to doeven the most basic of tasks i couldn'tcook for myself or my family i couldn'ti couldn't read i could barely look atdocumentsand quite frankly for a long time icould barely standbecause of the vertigo i was forced totakemedications that were very strongthat made me want to sleep all the timeoriginally i was sleeping 12 to 14 hoursper daywhere normally my work day was12 to 14 hours suddenly i was sleeping12 to 14 hoursand as far as mydifficulties when i was able to finallygo backto reading i began getting migraineheadachesother than having headaches due to youknow the injury to my necki started getting headaches when i wouldtry to read i couldn't read for morethan half an hourwithout getting a migraine and having tolay in a dark room for a while untilit went away i wasn't able to functioni found myself having to read and rereadthe same sentenceover and over again or look at the sameplan or schematic over and over again inorderto comprehend itand i wasn't able to take the datainput it and determine what the datameantmy brain just didn't seem to understandwhat my eyeswere seeing and that was a major problembecause i had to compute dataon a daily basis and it made everythingmuch more difficulti couldn't work the long hours icouldn'tunderstand what i was reading and thesewerethe types of documents that i've beenworking with for over 20 yearsand suddenly i look at them and i haveno idea what they mean or what they'resayingbecause my brain couldn't understandwhat my eyes were seeingwow i think the theme there iseverything nicole thisthis accident that you were in impactedevery single thing from work to dailytasks totaking care of yourself or doing thingsthat you've been doing for yearsyou you had to find a way tolike coperead um and like find a way to get backtohow life used to be and i'mstill i'm still doing that but i madea lot of progress once iwent through several months ofvestibular therapy and then istarted the ocular therapyand i saw a marked improvement within amatter of a few weekscould you do could you talk a little bitmore about the differences you noticedaftervision therapy um i had been investibular therapy and vestibulartherapy is therapy you go through whenyour balance is offso because my eyes weren't workingtogethermy balance my my balance was off myright eye would be looking one way myleft eye would be looking the otherand immediately things would startspinning or the room would starttilting i had donevestibular therapy fromseptember through december when drlorenzana firstbegan testing me when i first saw her wehad additional testing in march and theni started my therapy in june this entiretime i was going to vestibular therapyto try and help me balance just balancewalking a straight linewithout holding onto the wall fromseptemberuntil i believe it was may or june thati started the actual therapywithin about three weeks i was my eyeswere able to focusenough and my head was able tolook straight forward enough or my eyeswere able to look straight forwardenoughthat i could actually walk in a straightlineand hold my head straight withoutfeeling like i was falling over or theworld wouldafter the room spins stopped the worldwould justtilt on an axis i would be straight buteverything elsewould be crooked so i felt like i waswalking on a slopeand within three weeks of having thetherapyi no longer felt like i was walking on aslope i would still haveepisodes where thatwould happen to me and there's variousstimulusthat would cause that to happento me but that was the biggestand fastest uh symptomthat i found relief from when i startedthe ocular therapywhere you are today nicole after themonths of therapywhat what sort of impact would you sayvision therapy has had in your lifefrom what it used to be till to what itis nowi'm still not 100 but i would sayi have come so far um mythe cadence of my speech is much moreclose to what i hadprior to the collision uh thereare words that literally i could notrememberand even though it has nothing to doreally with vision therapymy brain has been able to processverbal data better since istarted the ocular therapyas opposed to before the ocular therapysoeven though my eyes and reading isdefinitely fasteri'm not reading as quickly orcomprehendingas efficiently as i did prior to thecollisionbut i am feeling more like myselfi'm able to actually read a document andunderstand what it means without havingto reread ittwo times or three times i own my ownbusiness so it's very difficult there'sno one else to pick up my slacki do have a partner but he has his owncaseloadand i nowcan read my own documents without havingto have himreview everything for several months hehad to review every single documentthat i read now i'm more independentagain where i can read my own documentsunderstand my own documents see ifchanges need to be madeand my memory has gotten better ihad a hard time processing data and nowit's betterand that has made it moreeasy for me to remember things remembertasks i have learned to cope byrelying on my electronic calendarssomething that i i used to have everyfile number and every court date ofapproximately 3000 files in my head i can't do thatanymore buti can remember what i have up in courtfor the nextweek generally i can remember what thestatus isof my various files and what i need todoon a particular day and that's a hugeimprovement where i would start my daybeing lostsaying okay i have to go to court nowwhat do i need to do and just looking ata huge pile of workand then opening my file reading throughthe documents and not even beingable to begin to comprehend them i don'thave that anymorei'm not as fast as i was but i'm muchmore efficientum i would say a difference between like10and 90 percent uh efficiencycompared tofour months after the accident when ifirst started mywhen i first started determining whetheror not i was going to needthis type of therapy uh from until nowthat makes sense yeah i understand whatyou're sending the callokay okay how i wanted to follow up withthat wasi i know you said you're not at ahundred percent but you said you'vetalked aboutprogress that you made and improvementsthat you've seenwould you recommend vision therapy forfolks thatmay have been in a similar scenario asyourself not that we want anyone toever be in that situation but absolutelyi i would without vision therapy i thinki would still befumbling along trying to read trying tostandi mean the fact that the vision therapyhelped me walk a straight linewithin three weeks may not beenperfectly straight but at leastwalk where i wasn't you know lookinglike i wasi was drunk or staggering for somereason the therapy helped me immediatelywithout the therapy i don't think that iwould haverecovered as quickly as i havemy neurologist originally told me a yearand a half to two years was a minimumrecovery for me and i believethat a majority of my recovery tookplaceless than a year and a half before ireached that minimum threshold that myneurologist had given me inlarge part because of the vision therapyit helped my eyes focusmy it helped me concentrateit helped me beable to do the tasks on a daily basisthat i had to do before i had myaccidentand again it even helped the way that ispeak there were certain words that iwas missinglike simple words like garage i couldn'tremember the word garageand it got better slowly after theaccidentbut once i started the vision therapy idon't know if it's data processingor my brain was just working moreefficientlybut i don't forget that word any anymoreand there were a list of words that iwould forgetand that hasn't happened to me sincei i was in therapy a couple of months iknoweverything is connected through youreyes andthe therapy helped me i would definitelysuggest it to anyonewho had a concussion whether it was amild concussionor a major concussion like i hadwith a major what i perceived as a majordisabilityit helps my balance it helps my thoughtprocessand it helped my eyesight also thedoctor gave me some glassesthat i forgot to mention thathelped me for the hours that i spend onthe computerthe glasses that dr lorenzana prescribedto mehelped me spend the hours that i neededon the computerand eventually my my headachesdecreased to um froma couple of times a day toonce every few weeks did she prescribeyou blue tech glassesshe did like with the yellow tint andall that yesthat's nice i like them they're greatfor the computerthey are and it made everything cleareri believe she also put a prism in it tohelp bring my i think it was my righteye help bring my right eyeback in and hold it into the positionwhere it needed to bein order to focus on theletters and numbers that were on thecomputer because i was having a reallydifficult timedoing that yeah the prism will shift thefocusjust one more question for you nicoleand thank you so much for your timeyou've beenextremely wonderful thank you andit's it's been awesome to just be a partof this experience for youand to to hear that it's been positivein some way shape and formi was just wondering if you could wrapup with your experience with drlorenzana and her staff and what thatwas like for youum dr lonzano was great she before icame to herand she told me the results of my testi was starting to feel like i was crazybecausei couldn't focus on things i was afraidthat i would neverbe able to do the things i was able todo beforeand she was very kind and she let meknow that this you.