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Home » Neuro Optometry » Post a car accident & concussion, Nicole found relief after Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation

Nicole deals with a lot of near-vision work and detailed-vision tasks in her job working with legal paperwork. July 15, 2015 she was involved in a major traffic accident, resulting in 3 separate concussions. One of these greatly affected her ability to see things properly and organize her thoughts. This heavily impacted her work. She was almost unable to see at all or to function properly. Her eyes worked completely independently of one another, causing severe dizziness and other symptoms. Even after receiving medication for her symptoms, her reading comprehension was poor, and she got migraine headaches after reading for brief periods. She has seen marked improvement since she began neuro-optometric rehabilitation therapy. Her ability to see the world more accurately, look and walk straight, and understand what she is writing and reading, have all improved significantly.