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Suzanna and Scott

My name is Suzanna and my son is Scott. He will be turning  13, so during therapy he was 12. Scott has been coming to Dr. Lorenzana since he was 4 years old. When he was in preschool, they told me that he couldn’t see and that he needed glasses. I found Dr. Lorenzana and since then he has been coming so it has been quite a few years. She has been his eye doctor since day one. She, along with me, noticed that his vision was not improving with glasses. She had offered Vision Therapy when he was 11, and I declined because I really didn’t see that he needed it. After being in 7th grade I noticed that his grades were falling, especially in reading and math. And the way he walked and in sports. When I brought him for his eye test that’s when I noticed that he wasn’t passing his test and he wasn’t able to see. That’s when I made the decision myself to go with Vision Therapy. I did talk to someone before making my decision that brought her daughter here and I asked her, “Is it worth it? Is it okay?” She totally recommended it and said, “Yes, go for it because the improvement is radical.” So that’s when we decided to bring him to therapy. After about a month that is when I totally noticed the way he was walking, the way he was sitting, his reading, and his math. That’s when everything started improving greatly.

After therapy was almost over he told me that his reading teacher was telling him, “Scott, whatever your parents are paying for this is so worth it! You’re at the level you should be”, which I was so thankful for. When I had put him to read you could tell that he was struggling and stuttering. And now when I put him to read he goes on and on and reads like he should be. In math his teacher was said, “Whatever help you need, I’ll give it to you.” She was enlarging the numbers for him on his worksheets. Then she came back and said, “His vision has improved greatly. He understands what I am saying because now he is able to see everything.”

He goes to a chiropractor and he even noticed. When he saw him after coming to therapy he said, “What it is that you’re doing?” I told him that he was going to vision therapy and he stopped everything and sat down and asked me about it. Scott is tilted to the left, because of the way he was born. He thought it was his muscle, and he is very tense in his muscle, so he was getting therapy. He would get better, but then he would go back, because of his vision. He couldn’t pinpoint that. He said, “Thankfully you told me this, because now I know that if a patient isn’t improving with what I am doing, it is because of something having to do with their vision, especially the upper neck. He saw his posture and he said that he could actually adjust him with him struggling and his body fighting because of his posture, muscle and vision. I just brought him back and he said it again, “This Vision Therapy has done wonders for him. Look at the way he is walking. I don’t have to adjust him as much anymore. He is straight” He even bought a belt for him to keep him straight and he told me that he doesn’t need it anymore, because of him and especially the Vision Therapy.

Scott says he is able to shoot better in basketball. In school he doesn’t have trouble as much. So he is also very appreciative of the outcome of all of this.

At first I was I was unsure, but after seeing it, I was knew it was so worth it. It was the best decision I have ever made. At first I was unsure about the money because insurance doesn’t cover it. It would all come out of my pocket. This is my son. This is his future. Either I do something for him now, or let him struggle for the rest of his life. So I decided to do him a favor and help him now, and for the future as well. Once he becomes an adult this is going to help him in college, or whatever it is he decides to do in life. That is why I decided. It’s for his good.

Working with Dr. Lorenzana and her staff was great. They’re awesome. Ashely was his therapist and they became great friends. If I wasn’t able to make it to an appointment they were really helpful and scheduled another appointment.

For other parents, I would say go for it. Do it. It is for your kid. You want your kid to succeed in school and succeed in life, and in everything in general. Like Dr. Lorenzana says, everything starts with the eyes. If you’re going to read, walk, do anything- it starts with your eyes. If your eyesight is not there, you are not going to be great at it. I would say go for it. Don’t doubt it at all. I did, and I doubted not doing it earlier, but he did it at the age of 12 so he understood exactly and was easy to work with.


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