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teacher backgroundHere at Brain Vision Institute, we are proud to help patients who suffer from dyslexia.

Many parents worry that if their child has dyslexia it will affect their future job or even lead to other issues. Many parents start to feel overwhelmed, especially if they are just starting to research the disease.

Many people believe that dyslexia is a sign of low intelligence, but that is just a myth. Dyslexia affects the way the brain works when a person is writing, spelling, or even speaking.

People with dyslexia have a hard time understanding large ideas. Most times they are able to understand the ideas eventually but just need additional time, which can be frustrating for them and those around them.

Unfortunately, dyslexia is not something that can be completely cured. Most people that have a form of dyslexia during childhood continue to have it once they are adults. There are many things you can do to help yourself or your child to ensure that when he or she grows up, it won’t affect his or her everyday life too much.

Finding a strategy that works well for yourself or your child will help not only reduce the symptoms of dyslexia but also improve confidence. Dyslexia has been studied and researched for years and years, so with the right doctor the symptoms can be minimized.

If you have any questions about dyslexia or how we can help you, don’t hesitate to contact us today at (630) 429-7553.

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