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Visual Processing Disorders

eye testing backgroundA visual processing disorder refers to a hindered ability to make sense of information that is taken in through the eyes. Having difficulties with vision will affect how information is interpreted or pressed by your brain. We are proud to assist patients that have visual processing disorders.

Receiving vision therapy has been proven to help with visual processing disorders. If your child has a vision problem as well as dyslexia, we will be able to resolve these issues and help devote more energy to finding strategies that will help their brain process information correctly.

We are also proud to offer educational therapy that can help your child develop a plan of action to work around their weaknesses. There are many tasks that we can show your child how to do in school and at home to reduce their frustration and help them succeed. We are here to assist them every step of the way.

Our friendly and experienced staff will customize your child’s therapy to meet their specific needs. If you have any questions regarding visual processing disorders, or would like to schedule an appointment, contact us today at (630) 429-7553. We look forward to working with your child!

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