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Excellence in Eye Care & Vision Therapy In South Barrington, Illinois

Looking for excellent eye care for your whole family in the South Barrington area? Brain Vision Institute has you covered!

We offer a full slate of essential eye care services, including annual eye exams and updates to contact lens and glasses prescriptions.

Our eye doctors also specialize in several services you won't find at most other optometry clinics. These include:

  • Vision therapy
  • Myopia control
  • Neuro-optometric services
  • Sports vision therapy
  • Dry eye treatments
  • Ortho-k for adults

Want to learn more about how we can help you maintain your long-term vision and eye health? Come visit our South Barrington eye clinic, or give us a call at 847-891-8003 today!

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Dr. Ingryd Lorenzana CBHC, FAAO, FCOVD

Dr. Ingryd Lorenzana CBHC, FAAO, FCOVD

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Vision Therapy in South Barrington, Illinois

Poor visual skills can obstruct one's ability to succeed in school, work and sports. Vision therapy develops and enhances the fundamental visual skills and abilities, which leads to increased visual comfort and enhanced information processing. When the eyes and brain learn to work together as a team, visual function improves, and struggles in the classroom or at work are alleviated.

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MYOPIA MANAGEMENT IN South Barrington, Illinois

Does your child have myopia? If your child’s prescription is rapidly deteriorating, contact Dr. Ingryd Lorenzana for a consultation. Our practice offers evidence-based treatment to prevent the onset or reduce the progression of myopia in pediatric patients.

Let us help your child diminish the risk of developing ocular disease and vision loss with our effective myopia management program.

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Restoring Vision, Balance, and Quality of Life

Have you experienced dizziness, double-vision, and a poorer quality of life after a traumatic brain injury, stroke, or other neurological incident? Proper visual function can only occur when the eyes and brain work together as a team to focus, track, and perceive the world in motion around us. Our neuro-optometric team helps patients retrain the brain and eyes to effectively work together so you can live your best life.

Eye Care Services In South Barrington

If you were diagnosed with an eye disease, such as cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, or dry eye, you may be overwhelmed with the diagnosis and confused about the next steps to take.

Our South Barrington eye doctor will be happy to answer all your questions. The local South Barrington optometrist offers you and your family top quality eye care delivered with a caring and dedicated customer service.

Brain Vision Institute accepts a number of insurance plans to help cover your eyecare costs.

Vision Exams
Dry Eyes
Eye Exams for Children
Eye Disease Management
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Dr. Lorenzana has been our family's eye doctor since 2014. She and her staff have a wonderful 'bed side' manor with all of us especially our younger daughter. Dr. Lorenzana gives excellent advice regarding treatment options available such as natural treatments as apposed to simply planning on upping strength of glasses prescription. When glasses are necessary or desired, she provides prescriptions (she is not a glasses salesman). When vitamins or other therapies are available to prevent or improve vision, she presents them as options. Our whole family appreciate her service.

- James E. (Patient since 2016)
Good ambiance and good patient care and treatment .. Dr cares like family
1 month ago
- Lakshmi B.

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